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Staircase carpet cleaning in Utrecht

Stair cleaner

Why choose PNP  to get your staircase carpet cleaned in Utrecht?

  •       Effective stain removal
  •      Deep cleaning all the way to the deepest carpet fibers
  •      Reducing walk-in zones
  •       Shortest drying time of all cleaning methods
  •        Immediately ready to be walked upon
  •        Combats discoloration
  •        Removes dust mites
  •       Minimizes (future) damage
  •        Provides a longer lifespan
  •     No risk of damage
  •       A professional cleaning every 6-12 months keeps your stairs looking great

Why get your carpeted staircase cleaned?

  •       One of the most walked-upon areas in your home/building
  •        Most traffic which leads to walk-in zones (flattened, dirty carpet fibers)
  •        Colors can change due to tracked-in street dirt
  •        A dirty staircase can lead to bad air quality in your home/building

We do not use harmful detergents or products. Instead we opt for green cleaning products from industry-leading companies. Our cleaning system removes deeply embedded dirt, bad odors, stains and dust.

Staircase carpet cleaning for apartment buildings and offices in Utrecht

We also clean staircases and hallways in residential buildings and offices.

Effective, with spot removal and interesting discounts for regular cleaning.


We are mostly active in the Amsterdam area but are available in the entire Netherlands.


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