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Residential carpet cleaning

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Carpet cleaning

Our methods

Encapsulation carpet cleaning


We use the dry/encapsulation-method.  With this way of cleaning little moisture is used which means that the carpet is almost directly dry after the treatment. There is no need for heavy fans working for hours to dry your carpet/rugs. We apply environmentally friendly products to the carpet. These products encapsulate the dirt in the carpet fibers so that it will be removed. With each vaccuuming after the cleaning the caprte with get cleaner. No residue is left behind that can attract new dirt. A long-term clean carpet is the result. Our methods make sure that we can effectively clean large surfaces of carpet.


  •  Shortest drying time of all carpet cleaning methods
  •  The carpet is ready to be walked upon
  •  Green and bio-degradable products are used
  •  Reduces walk-in zones
  • No residue left in the carpet that may lead to quick re-soiling
  •  No dirty water left behind that can result in mold
  •  Safe for your family and pets
  •  With spot removal and treatment of flattened zones
  • No risk of damage

We do not use harmful detergents or products. Instead we opt for green cleaning products from industry-leading companies. Our cleaning system removes deeply embedded dirt, bad odors, stains and dust.

Extraction carpet cleaning method

We also work with the extraction deep cleaning method in situations where it is required.

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Why should I get my carpet cleaned?

Built-up dirt in your carpet is a health hazard for you and your family. 85 percent of the dirt in your carpet you cannot see since it is hidden deep in the fibers. With vacuum cleaning only you cannot remove all the bacteria, dust en deep rooted dirt from your carpet or rug. This has a negative effect on the air quality in your home and worsens allergies and respiratory issues. 



By getting your carpet regularly cleaned, you expand the lifespan and improve the look of it. The treatment will regain its original texture and color. The carpet is thoroughly cleaned and smells fresh. Stubborn stains are removed.



Our goal is to make all our customers happy and satisfied with the cleaning of their carpet.


We are mostly active in the Amsterdam area but are available in the entire Netherlands.

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