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Rug cleaning

Rug cleaner
Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning with satisfaction guaranteed

Rug cleaning from 10 euro per m2!

Our experienced specialists do not use harmful detergents or products. Instead we opt for green cleaning products from industry-leading companies. Our cleaning system removes deeply embedded dirt, bad odors, stains and dust.

Rug cleaning at home

  •  Clean and dry within 1-2 hours
  •  No waiting time or transport
  •  Ready to use

Types of rugs we clean

  • Acrylic rug cleaning
  • Wool rug cleaning
  • Woven rug cleaning
  • Synthetic rug cleaning
  • Shaggy rug cleaning
  • Handmade rug cleaning
  • Persian rug cleaning
  • We do not clean  sisal rugs

Risks of DIY rug cleaning

Rug cleaning Amsterdam

Rug cleaning service

Benefits of our dry method for rug cleaning

  • Shortest drying time
  • Fast: approx. 1 hour per rug
  • With satisfaction guaranteed
  • Ready to be walked upon
  • Green: with biodegradable products
  • With spot removal
  • Effective deep cleaning
  • Reduces walk-in zones
  • No risk of damage
  • Besides the dry/encapsulation method we also offer the extraction method

Extraction rug cleaning

Our deep cleaning extraction method can clean your rug using little to no detergents (we use biodegradable products). It is highly effective at removing deep seated and stubborn dirt from different types of rugs. All residue will be retrieved by the extraction machine, together with the soil embedded into the fibers of the rug. Our extraction approach has a relatively short drying time due to our powerful extraction machines. Inquire about our different methods, Our technicians will always advice on the correct and most thorough method for the cleaning of your rug(s).

Best price for the rug cleaning with the best result

Your rug is a central part of your living room. It’s wonderful if you can keep it looking great: clean and with a fresh color. PNP Schoonmaakbedrijf will help you with a thorough, professional cleaning of your rug. Deep cleaning every 6 to 12 months will make sure that your rug will keep looking good longer and have a longer lifespan. Because cleaning is better than replacing!


We use multiple, high-quality cleaning methods for rugs. These are ideal methods for the cleaning of your rug with stain removal and reducing walk-in zones. Get your rug cleaned by a professional and experienced carpet cleaning company!

Dry rug cleaning with the low moist

Our method of dry rug cleaning is a very effective and environmentally friendly form of deep cleaning. With this way of rug cleaning, little moisture is used, which means the rug is quickly dry after the treatment. Our experienced technicians apply biodegradable products for rug cleaning. That would remove dirt, bacteria, and stains from your rug. Therefore, your rug would smell fresh directly, the rug's original colors would be more visible again, and look more colorful.

Customer reviews

''I thought the cleaner was very professional and was able to communicate really effectively with me (in English!). He got the rug cleaned quite quickly and was extremely careful not to do any damage as it is an older rug made of silk and wool. We were very happy with the work provided.''

- miss Narinesingh



We are mostly active in the Amsterdam area but are available in the entire Netherlands.


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