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Frequently asked questions

satisfaction guarantee carpet cleaning


Do you use chemical cleaning products?

We only use natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products.


How quickly after cleaning can I walk over my carpet, rug or stairs?

You can immediately use the surface after the cleaning.


Do you offer guarantee for the cleaning?

We give a satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee will be clearly communicated to the customer. Our technician will assess the possibility of a guarantee in each individual case.


Should I move my furniture before the cleaning?

With our cleaning method you do not have to move your furniture.


How often should I get my carpet or rug cleaned?

For families with children, pets and allergy/respiratory problems professional cleaning every 6 months is recommended. Carpet manufacturers advise everyone to have their carpet deep cleaned every year.


Will my carpet or rug re-soil quickly after cleaning?

With our dry cleaning method re-soiling is not a problem like with other methods. Because there is no residue left in the carpet that could attract new dirt.


Do you clean leather couches or -chairs, curtains or car-interiors?

No, we do not clean leather furniture. We only clean fabric furniture. We also do not clean curtains or car-interiors.


Where do you clean my couch, rug or mattress?

We clean your items at your home. The cleaning takes up little space and cover the ground with a plastic cover during the cleaning.


What happens to my furniture around the carpet/rug that you clean?

We will protect it by covering them with a plastic sheet.


What are your payment options?

We accept payment via bank transfer, using the invoice sent via email the day after the cleaning (the payment term is 14 days). You can also pay in cash.


Do you clean Persian rugs?

We are specialized and experienced in cleaning Persian rugs, We use woolsafe-products to protect the material of the rug.


Can you clean wool carpet, -rugs and -furniture?

We work with Woolsafe-certified products to protect and effectively clean any carpet, rug, couch etc. made out of wool.



We are mostly active in the Amsterdam area but are available in the entire Netherlands.



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