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Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaner

Why choose mattress cleaning?


  •  a fresh and clean mattress gives you a good night's rest
  •  reduces allergies by eliminating dust mites living in your mattress
  •  improves the air quality in your home
  •  helps with skin- and respiration issues
  •  removes stains and bad odor
  •  extends the life of your mattress




  • the average mattress contains 1,4 kilo's of dead skin cells
  •  an average mattress has around 2 million dust mites
  •  the excrement of dust mites contributes to allergies, eczema and respiration problems
  •  mattresses have invisible protein stains from sweat
  •  we spend a third of our lives sleeping in bed, 8 hours a night
  •  every night we produce about 1/2 liter of sweat and lose nearly 1 gram of dead skin cells
  •  80% of the people who suffer from allergies are allergic to the excrement of dust mites


Treatment of your mattress

With only vacuuming you cannot properly clean your mattress. Especially dust mites are hard to get rid of. This is why getting you mattress professionally is a good idea. There is a short drying time so at night you can sleep on your cleaned mattress.

Our experienced specialists do not use harmful detergents or products. Instead we opt for green cleaning products from industry-leading companies. Our cleaning system removes deeply embedded dirt, bad odors, stains and dust.


Why PNP?

The cleaning products we use are biodegradable, natural and safe. Our various stain removers can eliminate stubborn stains. We offer thorough and hygienic cleaning of your mattress.



We are mostly active in the Amsterdam area but are available in the entire Netherlands.


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