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Office cleaning

Office cleaner

Benefits of professional office upkeep

A clean office is the perfect business card. It contributes to a professional image for your company with (potential) customers, clients and visitors. A clean and organized work space contributes to the productivity of your employees and reduces stress cause by clutter and dirt around them. It reduces the chances of employees getting sick from lingering bacteria on surfaces and in the air. This also prevents them from getting other issues cause by poor hygiene in the workplace.


Commercial cleaning packages

We offer all kinds of customized cleaning packages for all sorts of companies that include carpet- and furniture cleaning if desired. These custom packages are sharply prices and are created with the needs of each company in mind. Contact us if you would like to know more.


Why choose PNP?


With years of management experience in the cleaning industry at the highest level, you can always expect the best service with PNP. We offer high-quality work with focus on customer needs at good prices. We can provide daily- and periodical cleaning at a high level. For each company we have one contact person available and a steady team of experienced cleaners. Our personnel is friendly, qualified and representative. We utilize a very strict code of behavior.  In consultation with our customers we create contracts completely adapted to the wishes of the customer. Your feedback is always welcome and will be taken into serious consideration. The quality of our cleaning is in constant review and evaluation. Your contentment is our primary concern.


  •  Our focus is on the customer
  •  Flexible: available outside office hours
  •  Know-how and experience
  •  Professional and reliable
  •  Fast and efficient
  •  Offers customized packages that are sharply priced

Commercial carpet cleaning

Read more. For offices, (movie)theaters, casinos, apartment buildings and hotels.

We also do commercial upholstery cleaning!

For desk chairs, conference room chairs and theater seats.