Risks of DIY carpet- and furniture cleaning

Remove stains from rug or carpet
Carpet cleaning

Remove stains from rug or carpet


We encounter it all the time: people who tried their best to clean stains in their carpet and furniture with store-bought products.

Understandably so. It seems like a cheap and easy fix. Instead of fixing the problem, it creates new ones, such as these:


- Shrinking of carpet or rug: due to excessive moisture and lack of proper drying


- Bad results: products cannot reach deep into the fibers


- Poor smelling carpet and furniture: because of trapped moisture and dirt


- Backing coming off of rug: happens when excess moisture is left beneath the rug


- Mold: also as a result of moisture left behind


- New stains forming: as a result of the used products


- Costly: instead of saving money it can cost you a lot more (products, professional cleaning or complete replacement)


- Unsafe for children and pets: due to remaining chemicals


- Permanent damage: from bleaching of fibers to discoloration


 Carpet-, rug- and furniture-manufacturers recommend cleaning by hiring a professional company to deep-clean your items.

This will ensure a safe and effective cleaning so that you can enjoy your items for much longer.



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