Carpet and furniture cleaning for expats and tenants

Carpet cleaning
Couch cleaning, Carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning in Amsterdam

Moving in or out of a rental appartment? Get your rugs and furniture from storage cleaned and the rental upholstery in your appartment when you are moving out professionally cleaned.


When you move into a new place and have to take your rugs, couch and chairs from storage they can smell a bit musty and have traces of dust. With professional deep cleaning they can once again smell fresh, clean and look great for your new home.


Renting contracts often require a clean appartment at the end of the tenancy for new tenants. After a proper deep cleaning the appartment interior will be left clean and smelling good when you leave. At the end of your tenancy you can obtain an invoice from a professional cleaning company that you can provide to your landlord. They can remove stains that can't be removed by yourself. Using home remedies can cause permanent damage to carpets and furniture, Professionals will swiftly and effectively clean your carpet, rugs and upholstery at the end of your lease. This will leave you with time for yourself and less to worry about at the stressful time of moving out of a rented home.


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